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Anonymous: With the manga updates page how do I read the manga you suggested?

You can’t read through mangaupdates. I provided that link to link you to the scanlators. Most of the time, you can read the manga there and download it too. But I provided a link after the description with a link to read. I looks like this [read] ^^

Anonymous: Do you know any vampire or werewolf bl manga? :3 also I love your blog ♥

aww thanks honey!

I have a werewolf list HERE and a vampire list HERE.

a kind of “supernatural themed list” can be found HERE ^^

Enjoy ! ^^

Togainu no chi || Brotherly Heaven
Togainu no chi || Brotherly Heaven
Anonymous: Hello! Are you okay? You post very few things lately, I'm worried.

I’m alright! I have a friend who is dealing with some issues/problems and I kind of want to be there for them so my online activity has gone way down!

I haven’t been able to read yaoi in over a month :s. 

Togainu no chi || Brotherly Heaven
Togainu no chi || Brotherly Heaven


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Anonymous: Hello, could you recommend me some yaoi with bondage please ?



~ Bondage/restraints !

  • -6mm no Taboo: chapter 4, disturbing relationship between two brothers. [read]*
  • Aijin Ichimanyen: homeless boy is taken home and becomes the sex slave of the masters of the home. It’s a bit ridiculous [read]*
  • Aka no ori: oneshot, BDSM relationship between two brothers. Very dark and intense. [read]
  • Bi no Isu : yakuza, bondage, punishment, toys. Amazing drawings and really smutty. [read]
  • Baby Bitch chapter7: blindfold and light bondage. Really good and “messy” without censor. [read]
  • Bousou Kareshi: chapter 5, a cosplay maniac return to his cute lover after being away for a while. Really funny. [read]*
  • Calorie: a boy who has always loved his childhood friend searches for new love. Really cute. [read
  • ]*
  • Cut : boy who enjoys pain cuts himself after sexual abuse, one of the best in this genre. [read]*
  • Datte Ai Ja Nai: Keisuke has borrowed some money from a loan shark and isn’t able to repay his debt. He has to repay with interest using his body. Very funny [read]
  • Eien Ni Owaranai: dark oneshot about a young boy getting revenge on the father who abandoned his mother. Shota and incest warning. [read]*
  • Fukujuu no Gakuen: ch1-4: a priest submits to one of his students. Smut and lots of guilt. [read]
  • Giocatore, Hokaku Keikaku: Oneshot ch3, a young boy discovers his brothers secret passion for bondage. Hardcore incest yaoi.[read]*
  • Giocatore, Hokaku Keikaku: chapter 7,oneshot, a boy gets turned on by pain and therefor has a lot of piercings. [read]
  • Goshujinsama to Wanko: series of oneshots. Chapter 1 : collars, leashes and dog cosplay, chapter 8: bondage at work. [read]
  • Hakui No Shihaisha: man who loves pain, piercings, bondage ( really nice bondage), orgasm denial and BDSM meets his match. One of my favorites. The BDSM is really good. [read]
  • Hard core heart ch 1-4: a boy in love with the father of his best friend gets a surprise. Very hot, bdsm smut. Threesome, incest warning. [read]*
  • Haru wo Daite Ita: extra; some amazing bondage technique and use of a whip makes this one oh so good. [read]
  • Hinyari Rouka, Mangekyou :  story 1 and 2 about a teacher and astudent. Light bondage and some kind of sex toy. [read]
  • Hoshi No Yakata: employees of an S&M club. Very smutty. [read]
  • Hounetsu Jive oneshot chapter 5 Epicurian, an uke with a leather fetish who loves bondage and exhibitionism. [read]
  • Ikujinashi no Shiawase : story 2. A manager of a host club lives with his boss for who he has unrequited feelings. Use of toys in solo act. [read]*
  • I’ll tie you up, kiss you and fuck you : oneshot, very light bondage with femine looking characters.[read]
  • Leopard Hakusho  : Popular host Aya gets bought and tamed by a rich S&M/bondage loving man. [read]
  • Kaineko: A man keeps his “cat” slave prisoner. Oneshot. [read]*
  • Kajou na Aijou:a  host gets “punished” by his roommate. Hardcore and explicite noncon. [read]*
  • Kareshi Glamorous: the stories of two perverted brothers who find their sweethearts. Lots of smut and amazing art.[read]*
  • Kibishiku Aishite: very sadistic and dominant uke meets a meek and masochistic seme. [read]
  • Kibun wa Joujou!: a young punk saves a teacher from some delinquents. Funny and smutty oneshot chapter 5. [read]*
  • Kichiku Megane: A man gets glasses from a demon. Bondage, kindnapping and possessiveness [read]
  • Kiken na Hokeni Counselor : chapter 1-4: relationship between school counselor and a student. Soft bondage. [read]
  • Kinbaku: oneshot, Slave gets punished by his master. Amazing drawings. [read]
  • Kobi no Kyoujin: sequel to Bi no Isu , yakuza, though love and amazing tattoos. Love it. [read]*
  • Kunshu no Ai wa Yoru ni Hana Saku: oneshot chapter 6: dark master/slave relation between three boys. It’s really sad. [read]
  • Love prism : relationship between two brothers involving hardcore bondage, a third party, sex toys, piercings and toys. [read]
  • Love Seeker: Chapter 3-4 about a man who has to stand-in for his friend who is a host. He ends up falling in love with his customer. [read]*
  • Love Trial: ch1, a college student needs money and takes up the offer to take part in an AV. Smutty oneshot wit bondage,… [read]*
  • Love Trial: ch2, the heir to a weird hotel tries out some of the “products” sold to the customers. [read]*
  • Master: oneshot,master/slave relationship between a politician and his secretary/bodyguard with oa piercings and bondage. Really smutty [read]
  • Midnight dog show: oneshot, very dark with themes like knives, bloodplay, bondage and some amazing hot sex. [read]
  • Mob for Jack the army, incest, threesomes, gangbang, bondage, blackmail and some serious nonconsensual sex. [read]
  • Motto Midara ni Shitsukemashou: college student gets punished and trained by his fathers secretary. [read]
  • No Toy: oneshot about a brother who loves to tie up his younger brother and do some indecent things to him. [read]
  • Nurse ga Oshigoto: series of oneshots. Chapters 1,2,3 and 6 have bondage, spanking and toys. It’s really shota though. [read]
  • Ore no Ushiro ni Tatsu na!!:a selfish master and a detective. Smutty and really hot. [read]*
  •  Oshioki Gakuen: a perverted teacher takes pleasure in punishing a student. Crack, very weird stuff and hilarious. [read]*
  • Ochiru Seija no Seppun : school teacher becomes sex slave for his student.  [read]
  • Oresama wo Kurae! : series of smutfilled oneshots. [read]*
  • Ore to Kareshi to Aitsu to Kare: oneshot, a man living with his best friends is forced to watch their SM relationship.[read]*
  • Paraphrase: an obsessed man with an unrequited love watches while the man he paid rape the man he loves. [read]*
  • Pet Keiyaku : oneshot, hardcore yaoi about a boy who becomes a pet for money. Collars, chains and threesomes. [read]
  • Retsujou  : a rich vice president does everything in his force to bind the kouhei for who he has secretly harbored feelings to him.  [read]*
  • Sailor Danshi: oneshots chapter 6 : highschool students who enjoy some light bondage and vibrators,  chapter 7: brother with bondage fetish loves tying up his younger brother. [read]
  • Room ½ : two semes live together. One of them loves BDSM. It’s more fluff than hardcore though. [read]
  • Rumble Rush: oneshot chapter 5. Really smutty and nice use of ropes for a photoshoot. [read]
  • Ryoshuu Reijin: really smutty prisoners interrogations. PWP [read]*
  • Shibatte Aishite: oneshot 1 has rope and tape bondage. [read]
  • Take me out  durarara dj:where pet Shizuo gets tied up and used by Izaya. [download]
  • The RopemanThe uke is very perverted, loves tying his seme and is really the dominant to a masochistic seme. [read]
  • Uwasa no Oujisama: an uke wonders why his boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex with him. [read]*
  • Viewfinder: with king of the bondage Asami. Akihito looks really nice all tied up. [read]
  • Wild Darling side story: teacher x student relationship. Bondage, stationary and lots of smut. Art is soso but it’s really funny. [read]
  • Yojouhan Sweet Home: ch 2, a  misunderstanding leads to some bondage. Funny and cute. [read]*
  • Yoiko no sumu machi : petshop owner makes a few “customers” his slaves. Lots of bondage, sex toys and Master/slave relationship. [read]
  • Yorokobi wa Hiza no Ue : pretty art and a cute story about a man who meets the brother of his friend in a bar. Bondage chapter 6.[read]*

 * ( new ones added!)

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